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    Fostering dialogue on social, economic and environmental issues for inclusion and sustainable oil, gas & mining sector development in Kenya

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Fostering inclusive and sustainable oil, gas & mining development in Kenya through dialogue.

The emerging extractive industry in Kenya has significant potential to lift people out of poverty and contribute to the country’s sustainable development. At the same time, the sector has been associated with extensive social, economic and environmental impacts on local communities, workers and even nationally.

This has prompted a demand for greater stakeholder engagement to discuss, share information and concerns, plan together and implement strategies to promote sustainable investments in the sector while minimizing adverse impacts on the people and environment.

In response to this demand, Institute for Law and Environmental Governance (ILEG) and its partners have created the Extractive Sector Forum (ESF), a uniquely tailored quarterly multi-stakeholder convening of companies, communities, national and county governments, civil society and academia that are actively involved in the extractive sector in Kenya. The forum provides a safe space for the different players to discuss critical legal and policy concerns and challenges for the sector.


The goal of ESF is to foster inclusive and sustainable oil & gas and mining development in Kenya by promoting dialogue among key extractive sector stakeholders. The forum’s hallmark is quarterly convening of extractive sector companies, communities, government, civil society and academia to discuss key social, economic and environmental opportunities and challenges, and to explore options for addressing them.


Raising Awareness in the Oil Sector to improve governance of Kenya’s emerging extractive Sector

This project seeks to devolve the ESF to the Turkana county level for all key stakeholders to discuss and engage on the critical issues as the full field design and development take shape.

With the oil discovery in Turkana moving into full field development, it is imperative that specific issues such as community land rights and ‘free, prior and informed consent’ are considered at the community and county levels. As such, it is important that community voices and concerns are deliberately sought and heard so that that they can not only be addressed but they also inform key strategic and policy decisions as well as the general policy discourse concerning the development phase of the oil cycle



We value our partners who make it all possible.

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